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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ex-boy/girlfriends and the social media

Today I'd like to write about an issue I've read in a magazine which is not makeup related but I thought many people would benefit from this post. I think once in a while I am going to write about inspirational or social issues.

The article was basically about the increasing number of people who connect to their ex-partners through social media. Some of these people the article mention connected to their ex-partners long after the break up, while others were technically spying on ex-es soon after they've split up.

The social media in the best case scenario makes people moved on a lot more slowly while in the worst case scenario people need professional help as they can get easily obsessed with their ex-es because it is easy to get information about them online....

In my opinion it is not a good idea to connect to ex-partners through the social media. You have the option to control information coming and going towards them so you might want to customise your profile and timeline settings for them. Or you can block them as well... but as I see, the best option is to delete the person from your contacts. WHY?

Simply because if they are not there, then the temptation is less to check out his/her profile. And let's be honest...It's not the healthiest way to see where s/he goes, does and when or with whom s/he is...Deleting a contact is the most clear-cut solution for this issue.

In the comment section below tell me how you prefer to deal with ex-es and social media!

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