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Thursday, 26 September 2013

ManiOf the Week

I know it's almost end of the week but I wanted to show you the nails I've sported this week. Especially because this particular polish has been one of my summer favourites and one of my most used polishes of all time.
L.A. Colors French Cream
L.A. Colors French Cream

The polish is French Cream from L.A. Colors . The varnish has a very sheer and fluid consistency. Think of a typical french pink just in a cream shade. In the picture you can see the white of my nails peeking through hence I've applied three coats. 

Personally I like the colour and the effect it gives although I don't like applying it because it is a pain to apply three to four coats and wait quite a while for all the layers to get completely dry. I don't even know how many times I've ruined my mani because I just had to do something with my hands while the polish wasn't completely dry. Another con is that if I apply one to two coats the polish can look like as if it was a nicotine stain all over my nails which is not the most attractive look especially for a non-smoker. You really have to make sure to polish evenly and use at least three coats to avoid the unwanted effect.

Overall this polish is a nice addition to my collection and I use it when I definitely want to spend time on my manicure or when I've just bitten my nails off... Yuck! I know it is a disgusting habit/addiction but this polish really makes my nails look decent and the neutral colour doesn't raise attention to my bitten nails. I loved it during the summer and during those stressful times when I was biting my nails. I'm rating this polish 5/10.

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