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Monday, 30 September 2013

Review: Essence Mascaras

Hello Everybody!

I've bought two new mascaras as I could pass on for a pay one get two offer for Essence mascaras. As a brand Essence is known for being budget friendly and delivering very good quality compared to the price. I've always wanted to try some of their mascaras and I was thrilled to pick these babies up.
By the way... If you get thrilled or exited by mascaras that means that you are a helpless makeup addict! :-)

Essence triple black

 The tube is a pretty colour and it looks quite appealing to me. Nonetheles it is gigantic...The tube contains 12 ml (0.40 fl.) of product. Normally mascaras contain around 7ml (0.25 fl.) so the quantity is a definite bonus so far. The spooly is slightly hourglass shaped. By the look of it the brush reminds me of the Covergirl Flamed out mascara, but that has more of an hourglass shape to it.
This mascara promises to give you "extremely thick lases" and "maximum volume". As usual let my photos speak for themselves.
Triple black in one coat
Unfortunately this first picture got quite blurry for some reason but you can still see that the product gives a very natural and separated effect in the first coat. Let's move on and build another coat on top of this...

Triple black two coats
With this second coat you can achieve quite long and separated lashes with some volume too. But I have to say it's far from the volume the package claims to provide but I'm still happy with it. The only thing that I dislike is those funky looking ends... Unfortunately I couldn't build up another layer as the mascara started to clump, so this is the maximum effect you can expect from this product. I suspect it is the shape of the spooly and the quite fluid consistency that makes it hard to build it up on my thin lashes.

Essence volume boost

This Tube is as appealing as the previous one and contains exactly the same amount of product. However the brush is completely different. The spooly's shape reminds me of a Zeppelin ship or a torpedo. I have to say it did a lot better job with gripping on my lashes and coating them with product than the previous one. 
After applying the first coat the two mascaras looked identical on my lashes; equally as natural and separated...But when I applied the second coat it looked a lot better...

Essence volume boost mascara
volume boost two coats
My lashes here look more fuller and curved compared to the triple black, however this gave me less length. Let's see what happens if we build on a third coat... 

Essence volume boost mascara
Volume boost three coats
Just WOW! I absolutely love the effect! This third layer gave me more length, volume whilst it kept my lashes separated. Moreover my lashes look quite curved although I didn't use an eyelash curler before I applied the product. I am definitely in love with this one.

Overall opinion

I liked both mascaras as they both gave me length, volume and separation at the same time. I have to say I do prefer the volume boost to the triple black just because it gave me curved lashes and more volume. As a sidenote I have to mention that both spooly brushes are quite chunky so they make it hard to maneuver around the lower lashline. I solved the issue by holding the spoolies vertically to avoid smudging the best I could. The longevity was great in both cases; lasted all day long, no smudging or flaking.

The male perspective

I know that we girls generally apply makeup to make ourselves feel better and more confident but it would be a lying to deny that we also want to look our bests to men. So I asked my partner what does HE think about the way these mascaras look on. He said that both of them are good in the sense that they gave me that Bambi doe eyed look that he loves so much. 
However he also pointed out that the triple black made my lashes look quite "random and messy" looking  while the volume boost gave me "more lashes" and made them look "less out of place or more organized" according to him. :-)

Anyway...we both vote for the volume boost. Thumbs up for my partner for his "review". Tell me if you want my partner to give his thoughts on products! :-) Take care!

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  1. The volume boost looks great x