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Monday, 13 January 2014

Look of the Day: neutral eyes with bold lips

In the first time in forever I am back with a look of the day post! YAY!
I created this look when I visited my grandparents yesterday.
This is the overall look:

Soft everyday eyes with bold lips

You can see that the eyes are very soft while the lips are pretty bold. I haven't wore makeup for a while and I was really craving for a pop of brightness :)

Soft neutral eyes

I used MUA's Glamour Days palette to create this look. You can read an in depth review about the palette here:

MUA Glamour Days palette
Shadows used are marked with X

I used the light pinkish skin colour on my brow bone and my entire eyelid with a flat eyeshadow brush. Then I applied the tan colour  into my inner and outer crease with a crease brush from Essence.
Then using another crease brush from Essence I applied the lightest creamy shade as an inner tear-duct highlight.
I didn't blend it out much because when I create a soft look, I like if the crease colour gives shape and definition to my eyes.

MUA lipstick shade 3

Onto my lips I applied my favourite pink lipstick, shade 3 from MUA.
Since my upper lip is a lot thinner than my lower lip I have issues with applying lipsticks directly from the bullet. First of all when I apply lipsticks from the bullet I get a very uneven line and a very thick layer of product that I really don't like...Second lip brushes are very small and takes forever to apply with them or their shape is wrong...
So I came up with the idea to use a small concealer brush for lipstick application. And it works wonders; the shape and size of the brush is perfect, easy to coat lips evenly and I get only a thin layer of product. This allows me to build lipsticks up to the intensity I prefer.

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